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Heating/Cooling Tips:

If your air conditioning system both heats and cools, have your system checked in the spring and fall, we offer preventative maintenance agreements to help with this.  Please call for more details if interested.  Preventative Maintenance agreement customers also receive a discount on service calls and parts.

If you have an air conditioning-only or heating-only system, maintenance should be performed at least once a year prior to the heating or air conditioning season

NOTE: For safety reasons you should never attempt to service your unit yourself, doing so can void the warranty contract!

Click here for Trane's recommendations for Maintaining your system

Electrical Tips:

~ Don't overload on extension cords

~ If an appliance has a 3 prong plug, ONLY use it in a 3 slot outlet...NEVER FORCE IT INTO A 2 SLOT OUTLET!

~ Keep electrical appliances & cords away from water

~ Check electrical cords regularly for defrayed or crack cords, if the cords appear cracked or defrayed replace immediately before using again.

~ For added safety, test smoke alarms frequently.

~ If you are concerned about the safety of electrical wiring in your house, we do offer Electrical preventative maintenance agreements where we will do an electrical safety check inspection.