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The Trane Difference

Trane, a leading provider of indoor comfort systems  and comprehensive facility solutions, began as a family-owned business more than a century ago. In 1885, James Trane opened his plumbing company in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and in 1913 was joined by his engineer son, Reuben. Their small company gradually evolved from plumbing into manufacturing heating products. Their first innovation was a low-pressure steam heating system called Trane Vapor Heating, and by 1925 their lightweight, highly efficient convector radiator could replace the heavy cast-iron radiators of their day. Their first air conditioner, the Trane Unit Cooler, was designed in 1931. It was a bold new idea forma company that was becoming well-known for its innovative thinking. Through the decades that followed, the innovative thinking became a hallmark of Trane.

Today, Trane continues the tradition of applying leading-edge technology to the design and manufacturing of air conditioning and heating systems. Trane engineers spend years researching and developing products based on the analysis of consumer and dealer needs. Trane products and components are designed using the most durable materials and the most innovative technologies available. Manufacturing products with the tightest specifications and the highest industry standards, Trane is able to control product quality from idea to installation. Trane products are efficient to use, long-lasting, and provide the ideal home or work environment. With a legacy of innovation, Trane is determined to serve you with unparalleled expertise, outstanding quality and exceptional product offerings.

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